Short videos which display the obedience, temperament, and well mannered behavior of Cayos, a German Shepherd protection dog.
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German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dogs professionally trained for home and personal protection or companion for families and children available to clients across the world. Video gallery and customized training programs for puppies and adult dogs.
Dog club registration, boomerangs, tug, chew and toss toys for dogs, books for dog owners, and biscuits, cookies, cakes and other fresh-baked dog and cat food and treats made using natural ingredients, with no salt, chemicals, preservatives or animal fat.
Made-to-measure dog coats and polo neck sweaters, original Snuggle beds, fur rugs and throws, hand stitched leather collars, collapsible travel boxes, food supplements, dog figurines, jewelry, hand painted pottery and other gifts for dog owners.
Free newsletter and dog obedience training guide with step by step instructions, techniques and secrets designed to help pet owners stop and eliminate dog's obedience problems. No dog training equipment required.
Personalized stainless steel and brass military style dog and key tags with free embossing up to 5 lines, along with beaded neck and luggage chains and rubber silencers in selected choice of colors. Laser engraved dog tag quotes.
Reviews of popular dog training techniques and dog training books, tips, resources, ebooks, articles and advice on obedience, puppy and behavior training. Video shows results achieved using the clicker training method.
Carpet protection film, tear-proof permeable covering, stand-up rollers, felt pads for chairs and tables, slip-on floor protectors, disposable boot and shoe covers, sticky mats, rubber bumpers, furniture feet and other floor protection products.
Canine DNA test products designed to identify breeds in the genetic composition of mixed breed dogs and certify the parentage of purebred dogs for breeders. The results are printed on a certificate along with breed behavior, health and personality.
Reviews of dog insurance companies and providers across the USA and comparison of dog insurance plans with different levels of coverage, age enrollment, benefit limits, deductible and reimbursement options.