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Gimpsy is a selective repository of links to web sites. Any web site suggested for inclusion will undergo a thorough Company review to determine whether it meets the required criteria or not. There is no fee associated with including a site in Gimpsy. You may suggest sites for inclusion in Gimpsy free of charge. However, due to the large volume of such requests, we have limited capacity to review such suggestions in a timely manner. You have the option of requesting an allocation of our time for a review to be done within a specified time frame.

49US$ / once

Premium promotion

Maximum Benefits.
Worth It.

  • 4 days review
  • 280 days on the top position
  • Full refund if suggestion is declined or reviewed with delay
  • Listed for lifetime

29US$ / once

Standard promotion

Reasonable price.
Good deal.

  • 25 days review
  • 140 days on the top position
  • Full refund if suggestion is declined or reviewed with delay
  • Listed for lifetime

9US$ / once

Basic promotion

Guaranteed terms.
Pay less.

  • 75 days review
  • 60 days on the top position
  • Full refund if suggestion is declined or reviewed with delay
  • Listed for lifetime

0 US$/ forever

Free submission

Opportunity to be involved.

  • Current delay of review is 14 months and could be considerably more.
  • New Site indicator for 15 days
  • Listed for lifetime

Why Gimpsy?

Precise Classification
Precise Classification

Gimpsy has more than 1800 categories. You can be sure our experts will precisely classify your site.

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Strong Links
High Quality Links

Google approves our regular links because sites are included into Gimpsy thanks to the valuable content, not payment.

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The top of a category
On The Top

Your site will be promoted to the top of a category for 15 to 280 days depending on the selected plan.

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Money Back Guarantee
Money back

Should the site be declined or review be delayed beyond the specified time, you will be entitled to a full refund.

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FAQ - Promotion Options

Gimpsy is proud to offer site owners an excellent value site promotion option.
  • The decision regarding your site's inclusion is reached in no more than 4 days for Premium promotion, 25 days for Standard promotion , 75 days for Basic promotion. This is backed by our unique Money Back Guarantee .
  • Should the suggestion be declined or the decision be delayed beyond the specified time, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • For a one-off payment, the submitted site is included in Gimpsy indefinitely. There is no annual renewal fee.
  • Upon approval, your site will be included and displayed immediately.
  • Should your site be accepted, it will be promoted in 280 days for Premium promotion, 140 days for Standard promotion , 60 days for Basic promotion . It will be awarded a 'Golden Star' and the description will be shown on a highlighted background. While promoted, it will rank above all other new (non paying) sites and other sites.
  • With the current price set at 9 / 29 / 49 USD, it is one of the best value Site Promotion options available.
There are several ways to benefit by being included in Gimpsy as soon as possible:
  • Traffic - visitors to YOUR site: The number of searches and referrals made by Gimpsy increases all the time. Check the Gimpsy position in the traffic league table maintained here: Obviously, the sooner you are accepted, the sooner you are likely to get traffic from Gimpsy.
  • Search Engines included: Gimpsy is regularly and comprehensively spidered by all the main search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and The sooner you are included in Gimpsy, the sooner Search Engines will find YOUR site and spider it too.
  • A quality Back Link: Almost every search engine, and Google in particular (even if it does not declare this for later time), judges the popularity of a site by the number of links pointing to it. Being included in Gimpsy provides a valuable back link.
The percentage of click-throughs in Gimpsy depending of position in the search results is following:
First position - 14%, second - 11%, third - 9%, fourth - 8%,... seventh - 5%,... tenth - 4%.
Nearly 70% of all the clicks in Gimpsy are made on the first 10 sites!
Depending of the selected Gimpsy Promotion option, your site will occupy a top position from 75 to 280 days. It will be awarded a 'Golden star' and be shown on a highlighted background. As evident from the table above, it stands an excellent chance of being picked up and clicked on.
Gimpsy is perhaps the first and only directory to back up its service agreement with Site Owners, with a full money back guarantee. Should the editorial team fail to reach a final verdict within the allotted time, the review payment will be refunded in full. If the site is subsequently approved, it will still enjoy the same privileges as if it was approved on time. Under no circumstances will the refund amount exceed the sum initially paid to Gimpsy.
We all make mistakes. Unlike most other directories, Gimpsy will refund in full any promotion option if the suggestion is declined; We believe your satisfaction is worth the cost of a refund.
Not at all! Each submitted site gets the same exhaustive scrutiny by the Editorial Team. Gimpsy will only accept suitable sites. There will be no compromises on the integrity of the search results in Gimpsy. To clarify: The payment is for the expedited review and promotion of accepted sites - not for inclusion.
Having a 'Golden Star' implies that your site will always rank above non-promoted sites and sites with a 'Blue Star'. However, when newer sites are promoted, these sites will rank higher. Every new site that is accepted to that category 'pushes down' all the other sites in the same promotion level.
Indeed you will! Sites that link to us can get a much longer promotion period. The exact time frame is decided on a case by case basis.

FAQ - Site Suggestion

We define spam as any attempt to place multiple identical sites into Gimpsy (also known as mirrors), or misrepresenting the site in an attempt to get listed and subsequently change the content to a materially different subject. As we spend a considerable amount of time in reviewing each site, we will not have any sympathy for the Site Owner of those sites. Once such attempts are discovered all the offending sites will be de-listed.
In general - any site that has an online activity. Sites where the user can accomplish something. Sites that are highly interactive.
There are several ways. Perhaps the simplest is to try and complete the following sentence about your site: "On this site, the user can...". The first word must be a verb, like 'buy', 'sell', 'advertise', 'chat' and such like. If that word appears among the list of verbs on the Home Page of Gimpsy - the site passed the first test. If not - it is unlikely to get accepted.
As always, we are eager to receive suggestions that will improve Gimpsy. However, many verbs are not quite suitable for Gimpsy. We decided that some are not interactive, like 'read'. Others do not make sense in the context of the Internet. Take, for example, 'eat', 'fly' or 'climb'. The way to distinguish if a verb is a possible Gimpsy candidate is to add the word 'online' to it, and see if it makes 'normal sense'. The following are not plausible Gimpsy activities
  • build a house (online)
  • plant a tree (online)
  • eat a vegetarian meal (online)
At Gimpsy we do not examine just the site's purpose - but also the methods used to achieve it. For each major category (activity) we provide a small help file that explains as clearly as possible the criteria used to examine sites in that category.

Reading it and checking to see if your site does meet the given criteria will save both sides from unnecessary work - and possible disappointment.

No - you may suggest as many as you wish.
In general, when a site offers an activity - it must be available on the site itself. For example, if a site wants to be listed in the 'buy' category - the goods or services must be available for purchasing on the site itself. If they are not - then the activity offered by the site is not 'buying'. Thus, it is unlikely for an affiliate site (if that's all there is to it) to be accepted to Gimpsy.
We don't have a set number, but we do insist that the activity that the site offers to the visitor will be comparable to other sites in the category. For example, if a site allows users to 'learn how to draw', we would expect the site to have a significant amount of tutorial information and on-line exercises. How much is 'significant' is determined by other sites that offer similar activity. Obviously, it need not be identical - but comparable, within the same order of magnitude. Similarly, if a site that sells Computer books wants to be listed in that category, it must offer a selection of books and not just a few.
We are willing to tolerate it to a degree. Our guidelines say that sites will not be listed if they contain an excessive number of pop-ups per page. More than two may be considered 'excessive'. We are particularly averse to 'forced navigation'. That is - when the program changes the 'back' function of the browser to an entirely different location. We may not list such a site at all.
Indeed there are. The site should be fully functional (no 'under construction', broken links etc.). It has to be complete in all the relevant aspects. In general, Gimpsy reserves the right to reject any site, for any reason what so ever.

No. Gimpsy uses regular links to the sites without attribute rel="nofollow" or rel="ugc" or rel="sponsored" . It increases site rank and never leads to penalizing, because links from Gimpsy are an excellent example of the type of links that Google approves of. The distinction is simple: Google's penalty relates to links that were purchased and/or created by an automated submission and approval system. Google does not penalize independent links. Such links are created after careful deliberation by a human being that considered that a link to that site is a useful addition to the content of their site and provides valuable experience to their users. All links in the Gimpsy directory are of that nature.

As a registered Gimpsy user you are probably aware that sites can be submitted, reviewed and listed at Gimpsy free of charge. If a site owner chooses to pay - the payment is never for being listed - it is for being reviewed in an expedited manner. Being listed in Gimpsy is only ever approved if the site meets our quality and content criteria and it is unrelated to the payment (if made).

Primarily in English. If your site is bi-lingual or multilingual and it includes English - you are welcome to submit it. Note, though, that the activity offered by the site should be available to the same level in all the languages on the site.
None. The site can be anywhere - and aim to serve any size of population, from a small pizza parlor that provides online-ordering for its neighborhood to a worldwide diamond merchant.
That depends on the submission mode chosen. Selecting the 'Site Promotion' option guarantees a review within few days. Full details of that option and the benefits to the Site Owners are provided in the FAQ - Promotion option. You may also opt for the Free Submit. The site will be reviewed as soon as possible. The delay will depend on the number of available Editors and the number of pending applications. The minimum delay is two months and could be considerably more.
There is some grain of truth in it. Gimpsy's mission is to provide an excellent search experience, or rather an excellent find experience ;-). To accomplish it, the Editors are very particular about which sites they accept and which they don't. At times, we do get suggested sites that do not fulfill Gimpsy's criteria. They are indeed rejected.
Absolutely! An email will be sent to you as soon as a decision is reached. If rejected, you will be given a short explanation.
See what the Editor's comment are. If you agree, nothing should be done. Not all Internet sites can be listed in Gimpsy. If you disagree, the best course of action would be to change the site so that it falls within the boundaries of the Gimpsy footprint, then re-suggest your site.
Gimpsy will not accept resubmission of rejected sites until a predefined time has elapsed since the last submission. In Gimpsy terminology, this is known as the 'cool-off' period.
Gimpsy was designed to minimize spamming abuse and maximize the chances of relevant sites to be included. When a site is submitted, Gimpsy will accept only the highest level URL (the home page). You cannot submit any page under the Home Page. If the site is in the 'cool-off' period, the submission process stops there and then. You are given, however, the date of expiry for the 'cool-off' period.

By enforcing this rule, site owners must consider very carefully if their site is suitable for Gimpsy before submitting it. Once rejected, it will get progressively harder, then impossible, to be listed in Gimpsy. The 'cool-off' period for the second rejection is one year, and for the third - a lifetime.

The Gimpsy Editor has complete discretion over this issue. He or she may accept your recommendations, accept part of them or none. Gimpsy Editors are highly skilled and experienced. They will use their expertise to place your site in the categories that will best serve the Gimpsy users' interests and consequently - yours!
You can suggest a new/additional category. To do so, you must first be registered as the Site Owner of the site. Then you have access to an internal communication form that allows you to suggest the new/additional category. You will be notified by email on the outcome of your request.