Gimpsy Help - About Us

Who We Are

Gimpsy is the service, accessible from the website and owned by the Company:

Serhii Yukhymovych Oharkov, FOP
6/463 Dobrovoltsiv Lane
Dnipro, 49106 Ukraine
Registration number: 2022700137
Phone: +380(50)8389942

Our Mission

Gimpsy was conceived and created with a very clear vision: To make the search experience on the Internet enjoyable. To that end, Gimpsy was designed to be the purest possible Directory web site: There are no banners, no buttons, no elaborate graphics, no pop-ups and no adverts. It is as clean and as concise as a web site can be - without harming the user-friendly interface. The Gimpsy search method is largely based on Natural Language expressions. Gimpsy's method is so 'natural' that it is picked up almost immediately.

To 'enjoy the search experience' also translates into two measurable targets: Produce accurate search results at the fastest possible time. We believe that we deliver on both counts - but you will be the ultimate judge. It is destined to fulfill its mission statement:

Gimpsy will be the definitive guide to the WWW virtual city

The Gimpsy Name

A major decision that had to be taken early was the naming of the site. At first, the site was referred to as 'The Activity Directory', in short - 'Adir'. Obviously, the domain name '' was already taken. Some very creative people were hired to invent a domain name for the new site. They came up with many great names, only to find out that most of them were no longer available. Finally, the list of all the suggestions was emailed to all of them and they were asked to vote. Among them was the name '', which was registered almost as a joke, as Gimpsy was the name of the hamster pet in MC's family. Surprisingly, the overwhelming response was - That's it! This is the best! It is catchy, friendly, cute, energetic and hard working...

Sadly, the real Gimpsy died a few months later, but his friendly legacy continues to live on this very site.

The Technology

Gimpsy's software is based mainly on 'Open Source' components. The server Operating System is Linux, the Web Server is Apache, the database is MariaDB and the backend programming language is PHP.

The searcher interface is designed to be compatible with the largest possible variety of mobile devices and desktops and oriented on modern browsers.

Contact Us

As part of our commitment to excellence, Gimpsy has a ticket service. To gain access to it you must register first. Any ticket with comment or question is dealt with promptly and efficiently. If, for any reason, you cannot or are not willing to register, you can contact us:


All the software development of Gimpsy is done by the team headed by Mr. Serhii Oharkov. They provided the graphic design, the database design, the backend processing and the front-end interactive functionality.

Other team members are:

Mordechai C. Project Manager UK
Serhii O. Development Project Manager, Software developer, Ukraine
Ruslan B. Software developer, Ukraine
Serhii B. Software developer, Ukraine
Debby M. Senior Editor and Personal Assistant, UK
Doru T. Senior Editor, Romania
Darlene B. Senior Editor, Canada
Ina W. Senior Editor, Israel
Kate G. Senior Editor, USA
Stuart S. Senior Editor, South Africa
Charles J. Editor, USA
Erin B. Editor, USA
Fernando P. Editor, Romania
Marina N. Editor, Canada
Nicole W. Editor, USA
Penelope C. Editor, USA

From the start, Gimpsy required a team effort, and many people contributed to it. The (almost) full list can be found here.

We are also grateful to people and companies who have kindly provided the results of their work for free: