A small collection of oil lamps and antique lighting products as well as replacement shades and parts, such as lamp and fixture sockets, shade holders, candle covers, Edison bulbs, oil lamp parts, oil burners and reproduction fixtures, and sconces.
Antique lighting fixtures, floor, ceiling and table lamps dating from the 1800s to the 1940s in the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Victorian styles. A large selection of glass and fabric shades: banquet lamp balls, oil and floor lamps, sconces, candle clips.
Hand crafted antique lighting reproductions including wall lights, chandeliers, hanging lights, short fixtures, floor and table lamps, as well as glass choices and fabric shades that are interchangeable from fixture to fixture.
Outdoor, ceiling and wall lights, lamps, spotlights, emergency lighting, LED and energy saving light fittings, wireless lighting systems, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LEDs and accessories, space heaters, wall clocks, candles and candle holders.
Lights to illuminate any landscape, including lights for coves, gardens, under cabinets as well as adjustable lighting strips. Indepth information on landscape lighting as well as kits, accessories and transformers.
Ceiling and wall lights, table and floor lamps, outdoor lighting, spotlights, bathroom lighting and an assortment of golf ball, candle, GLS, low energy, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs.
Candelabras, pendant lighting, floor lamps, bathroom fixtures and lighting, desk lamps, outdoor lamp posts, porch lights, children's bedside collection, indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, sconces, pool table chandeliers, and wall mounted designs.
Plant grow lights in metal halide, HPS and fluorescent; metal halide aquarium lights and hoods; incandescent emergency lighting and LED exit signs. Light therapy boxes for those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
Bulb changing, deck lighting, fixture cleaning, lighting installation, pathway lighting, replacement, repair and maintenance of LED, low voltage, solar panel powered or spotlight style lighting, serving Greenwood, Indiana and surrounding area.
Professional lighting service including fixture cleaning, bulb changing, lighting installation, repair and design, replacement lighting, underwater and fountain lighting to customers in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.