Fully customizable parchment scrolls with personal photos, wedding related graphics and poems. Choices include ring color, poem, bride and groom's names, wedding date, font type and color.
Handcrafted European glass ornaments depicting landmarks from around the world along with display stands, and custom printed insert cards.
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An HTML editor and web page creation software that makes web page creation easy without hiding the HTML code. Provides a customizable tool bar, browser preview, ftp capabilities, word processor file import feature, frame setup and more.
Make your ideas into reality by clicking and dragging objects and then setting their behavior for multimedia and game creations. Download or purchase a variety of creation, developer, or classic tools.
A software-creation company that produces computer games and multimedia products. Some of their titles are: Brave Dwarves, Arkanoid 3D, Pacmania 3D, and Bubble Bobble.
For balloon artists. Post photos of balloon creations here and view those made by other people. Site also has a discussion board, photo contests and more.
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Website development and design, redesign, e-commerce, database creation, Flash page development, custom applications, as well as banner advertising, pay per click, paid submissions and other marketing services. Free quote.
Report generator for Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder. The generator allows the user to create tables, queries and databases in run-time. Built-in dialog designer allows creation of dialog forms.
File manager featuring full ZIP support, RAR and ACE support, descriptions support, navigator interface, bookmarks, unique directory QuickGo, internal high performance viewer for text editing, printing and filtering, sorting by size, name, creation date.
First Nations' fashion designer uses traditional Haida art elements in clothing for women and men. Her creations are shown in galleries and purchased by museums and collectors.