Astrology, healing, Tarot, Reiki, Yoga, psychic, channeling, dream interpretation, and other holistic spiritual courses and personal development workshops held at different venues and all-inclusive retreats across the UK. Free newsletter.
Choose from: Hoop-2-Hoop -- a basketball style catch toy; Pro Thumb Wrestling; Crazy Cords which is used to make friendship bracelets or the one handed game called Spinsation.
Week long artistic, therapeutic and spiritual workshops at a human development center in Ardèche, France. Activities range from aquarelle painting and kundalini-yoga to meditation, stress management, gestalttherapy, psychsosyntheses and many more.
Phone consultations with a relationship coach, divorce prevention seminars for couples, training workshops for mental health professionals, counselors and marriage educators, books, audio, video, marriage education leader's kits and discussion forums.
ShareChart software package, trading and motivational books, a portfolio management subscription service, and traders support workshops/seminars located throughout Australia, with courses on how to profit from the stock market.
UK workshops, seminars, training programs and a free newsletter with a focus on the delivery of effective NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) business performance coaching and training for professionals and business people.
Level one to four FiTOUR instructor, specialist, practitioner and master practitioner fitness certification programs that come with study manual and in-home exam, along with several continuing education workshops, and other fitness courses.
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Portuguese language courses in Europe, Canada and Latin America. Includes accommodation, cultural activities, guided tours, workshops, course materials, free Internet access and airport transfers.
Faux finish and decorative painting classes for beginners and experts, held in Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, and Omaha, Nebraska. Workshops are provided by The Faux Finish Institute.
Weekly classes and intensive workshops on metal chasing and repousse for beginners and advanced students.