Complete startup kits and assembled hives, bee medication, pollen traps, beeswax foundations, hivetop feeders, ornamental covers, liquid smoke, metal support pins, and assorted gloves, veils and related protective clothing.
Pagan-owned and operated company. Wide selection of jewelry, including chains, earrings and pentagrams. With books, herbs, incense, knives and swords.
Live bee and wasp removal without the use of pesticides, beehive removal, bee proofing and removal repairs for residential and commercial clients in the Greater San Diego, Orange County and across Southern California, USA. Free estimates and inspections.
Complete hives with frames, feeding supplies, hive components, protective wear, processing equipment, queen excluders and rearing, smokers, traps, tanks, wax and many other bee keeping supplies.
Bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis that have healing and protective properties to ward off bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses; or to heal canker sores.
Biblical sermons and messages geared to inspire, equip and bless. Themes include David, Joseph, Joshua, Ruth and Boaz, Moses, Chosing to be Blessed and How to Handle Delays.
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Presented by the Advent Lutheran Church. Discover what Spiritual Gifts you have been blessed with by God. There are 100 questions, and anticipated duration is 30 minutes.
Catholic gifts for special occasions, including baptism, communion and weddings. Precious, semi precious and everyday rosaries, with a selection that may be blessed by the Pope during the General Audience.
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Religious and specially blessed candles, spiritual perfumes, colognes and bath oils, gambler's kits, floor wash, red bendels, horseshoes, mystical gemstones, and incense kits to assist the user in achieving good luck.
Natural bee remedies for arthritis and joint pain, immune boost, strength, energy and endurance, digestive dysfunction, bronchitis, colds and coughs, female and male health, based on bee venom, bee pollen, manuka honey, ginseng and deer velvet.