Engineering, scientific and financial calculator, with optional download. The program includes functions for statistics, use of different number bases, units conversions, physical properties and constants.
Discover the amount of credit a user can manage for mortgages and other types of loans, as well as the amount of income needed to afford a certain monthly payment. Option to download the Home Buyer's Calculator.
Huge assortment of calculators including those for specific energy, spread rate, viscosity, specific heat capacity, length, area, volume, mass, temperature, angles, cost of living in several different countries and more.
Certified and experienced search engine optimization specialist provides such services as organic SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing, web analytics, search engine marketing, and market research.
An array of calculators ranging in topics from mortgages, retirement, credit cards, autos, loans, IRA's, budgeting, savings, insurance, mutual funds and stocks and bonds.
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An interactive resource for engineers and analysts involved in deploying VoIP. Choice of calculators for assisting in technical design and analysis. Option to download and use off-line.
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Custom calculators to help with college costs, how much to save and the amount of aid needed. Includes: costs, savings, loans and insurance, covering undergraduates, doctorial and master's students.
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Body mass index, basal metabolic rate, body fat and waist to hip ratio calculators.
APR, refinancing, PMI, mortgage rate, balloon mortgage, amortization, interest only and other financial calculators, as well as a weekly newsletter containing tips and strategies on securing the best mortgage program.
Free IP subnet, supernet, CIDR and wildcard mask calculators.
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