The focus of the group is to provide structured interactive forums and special programs to help those who suffer from social anxiety disorder (social phobia). Weekly and individual chats using ICQ and suggested reading material.
Unlimited access to anxiety, sleep disorder and panic attack resources, help and support, personal coaching and tips, Real Audio sound files, private discussion board, newsletters, live chat and group discussions. Free 7 day trial.
A complete social work study guide, providing a comprehensive study tool, revised and updated twice yearly, for the social work licensure exam.
Step-by-step guide in ebook format, ten week course, private sessions, and intensive one week course in New York, Philadelphia or by instant message and email, on fear of public speaking, speech anxiety, poise, and social anxiety disorders.
Demonstrates concepts and principles that are designed to achieve a happy life and personal development. Tackles issues such as social anxiety and depression.
Support community for people suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction and sexual abuse. Includes personals, forums and advice columns. Self-help books, videos and audio tapes are also available for purchase.
Academic journals and books in education and the social sciences. Specific topics include education & society, quality in education, postmodernism, language & teaching, curriculum, culture & teaching.
Academic and scholarly books, journals and series on social sciences with an emphasis on African & Asian studies, ancient Judaism, biblical studies, biology/geology, encyclopedias, Islam/Middle East, history and sociology.
Professional and academic books in the social and behavioural sciences. Subjects include arts therapies, asperger syndrome/autism, health/social care, disability, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy/psychoanalysis, and education.