Introductory chord piano video demonstrations, reviews on web based lessons, search tool for free piano lessons, quizzes, and chord charts.
Piano benches, swivel stools, repair parts, technician's tools, tuning kits, upright and grand piano dollies, covers, metronomes, locks and keys. Keytops, hammers, dampers, pedals, piano strings, cushions, and other related accessories.
Step-by-step jazz piano instruction for children and adults. Teaches song, theory and groove techniques to beginners, intermediate and the advanced piano player. Use the discussion board to post questions and interact with staff and other students.
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Acoustic and digital pianos and keyboards from major brands such as Casio, Suzuki, Kurzweil, Yamaha, Kawai, Bosendorfer, Steinway, Roland, Walter, Samick, and Schimmel. Accessories and toy pianos also available.
Free piano lessons for both the beginner and advanced student with detailed graphics, audio instruction, fingering instruction and interactive quizzes and theory exams.
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Benches and cushions, dampp chasers, lamps, tuning supplies, piano wire, keytops and moving equipment. Music stands and racks, metronomes, technician's tools, toy pianos, polish and cleaners, and related accessories.
Metronomes, music and microphone stands, clip lights, grand and upright piano lamps, wood and lucite caster cups, bench cushions, cleaning supplies, keyboard pedals, portable chairs, instructional videos, digital pianos, books, and related software.
Yamaha, Kawai and other brands of upright, digital, silent and grand pianos, as well as piano rental and professional moving services, located in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK.
Provides a solid background in music theory. Uses Quicktime, Flash, and RealMedia as audio/visual aids for students to study. Provides over 50 free lessons categorized as starter, intermediate, and advanced.
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Classical and jazz piano music. Composers featured include: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Ellington, Handel, Schubert, Wagner and many more.