Newer is not always better. Archive of older multiple versions of software titles, including AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Winamp, and several file-sharing applications such as Morpheus and LimeWire.
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ScreenPrint allows user to press Print Screen to catch, print, email, organize, or customize anything present on the screen. Basic version is free, full version is priced. Related utilities are also offered.
Provides web-based tools, mostly developped in ASP/VBScript, some of them in source code format. The products include: web based administration tools for an SQL Server version, an MS Access version and a .wsc component for ASP pages
A file archiver that compresses files into a disk space saving archive. Features include: Windows long filename support, file version management, data damage protection, ANSI escape sequence display handler, and more.
StepWare Inc, is the maker or Ace Reader an award winning application designed to increase the reading proficiency and comprehension. Downloadable demo version and other related programs.
Demo and trial versions of C++ Builder, JBuilder, Delphi, AppCenter, InterBase, Kylix, and other Borland software.
Glory Zone, a 3D arcade style space shooter with integrated MP3 player. Has an unregistered version option which can be tried first, to ensure the game is compatible with your computer.
Xara web graphics software which includes Xara 3D, a solution for professional 3D web graphics. Download trial versions and free screensaver.
Fully functional trial versions of a web form builder, HTML editor, stylesheet maker, site designer, webcam and chat software, MP3 ripper, GIF animator, color schemer, Google sitemapper and other products.
The company provides high quality software development services, like AQURA, a double entry accounting package. The AQURA-Lite version of the program is available for free.