Resource for art, design, and media professionals. A selection of art, photography, architecture, design, fashion and culture books, special editions, and rare publications from international publishers, museums, and cultural institutions.
Publisher of traditional Native American, Latino and world folktales, folk-tale anthologies, scary stories, folk humor, treasure legends and southern literature.
Publisher of overlooked topics such as everything you need to know about Bidets, and The Vegetable Gardener's Guide that shows how to grow both standard and organic vegetables in one large poster, from seed through to harvest.
Pay to receive Textile, Biotech, and Plastics and Composites industry newsletters at up to five email addresses.
Browse by author, publisher or category for a very large selection of book reviews in all genres.
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Assorted minigames created by an independent developer and publisher of web-based games, based in the United Kingdom.
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Auctioneers, publishers, consultants and appraisers of all artifacts of popular culture. Huge directory of collectibles of all kind: Political, Civil War, World War II, Vietnam, Shirley Temple, Comic Characters, Disney, television and more
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Nonprofit publisher dedicated to preserving the works of America's greatest writers in enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Each includes a chronology of the author's life and work, and helpful notes prepared by a distinguished scholar.
Business, computing, technical, professional, college, secondary and reference books from various publishers.
Electronic books publisher dedicated to the expansion of e-reading. A selection of classic novels, masters of mistery and crime, greatest authors of the twentieth century, Sci-Fi classics and other ebooks in MS Reader and Adobe eBook Reader formats.