Hundreds of interactive French exercises for school students ages 11 to 18 as well AP level students. Covers reading, writing, listening and speaking. Practice exams may be downloaded.
Interactive French lessons for individuals or classrooms. Contains hundreds of sounds from native French speakers, to enable practise of reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills.
English to French and French to English document translation performed by qualified professional translators that specialize in advertising, commerce, law, mining industry, civil engineering, politics, technical manuals, educational and general interest.
Dictionaries that will translate single words from English to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to German, Italian and French. Program can also be downloaded to quickly get a translation for any word on the web.
Study guides for English speakers learning a foreign language (French, German, Latin, Italian, Russian, Japanese); French novels, plays, poetry on cassette and travel guides to England or France.
Translates web page and text in English, French, Spanish, German languages with special characters option.
A Vietnamese-English-French word translator which supports 7 dictionaries, as well as computing (FOLDOC). Supports wildcards, quick-match and auto-complete functions, and suggestions for misspelled words.
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Christian products for study and inspiration which includes books (some available in Spanish and French) and chapel music spanning traditional to contemporary, as well as childrens.
Provides instructors at the post-secondary level with a variety of academic materials (including reprotexts) for the disciplines of Sociology, Criminology, History, French, Social Work and more.