Weekday schedule includes an entertaining mix of news, sports, talk shows, local updates and interesting topics about the people of Brisbane and the world. During the weekend, listen to fish talk, garage sales, movies, videos and consumer affairs.
A roundup of consumer news and recalls and the latest scams and outrages. If you have filed a complaint, your subscription is entered automatically.
Consumer comparisons, ratings, reviews and feedback on various services, such as Internet dating, fax providers, web design and hosting. Detailed comparison tables and rankings based on pricing, ease of use, customer support and other features.
Submit complaints to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and report street defects, potholes or unfair treatment by a local business in New York City.
Consumers can file a complaint about an unsafe product or any injury or death involving consumer products. Physicians and health care professionals can report unsafe products or patient injuries or deaths involving consumer products.
A network of consumers who help shape the future by sharing their opinions and ideas in surveys. Members participate in several surveys a year. The average survey takes 10 minutes or so to complete.
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Credit counseling, debt consolidation and financial education to consumers across the USA by a non-profit credit counseling company. Free debt and budget evaluation, budgeting tools, money saving tips, financial resources, quizzes, videos and podcasts.
Free, no-obligation debt comparison and debt management quotes from a licensed debt management service provider helping consumers across the USA create repayment plans, compare and enroll in debt management programs.
Monthly marketing news for business owners, entrepreneurs and retailers with information, tips and secrets about how to turn business into a consumer destination. Includes news about consumer trends, publicity, advertising, branding and customer service.
Separate forums for managers, investors and consumers on topics such as Indian business, banking, finance, insurance, banking software, Internet marketing, knowledge management, technology, transfer absorption, consumer advice, and investments.