Arabic language courses that combine textbooks, video lessons and vocabulary tickets based on the vocabulary memorization technique. Arabic language articles, blog and reviews of Arabic books, textbooks and dictionaries.
Authentic Islamic books and audio tapes (with samples) in Urdu, Arabic and English. Topics include history, economics, women and family, education, hadith and seerah, children, comparitive religion and duas.
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Arabic desktop publishing software that creates bi-directional publications in any supported language, edits and exports Arabic text to non-Arabic applications, exports multi-line paragraphs and extracts Arabic and Latin text documents into a hot folder.
Technical, financial, medical, legal and website translations, software localization and other professional translation services in multiple language combinations performed by accredited and certified translators. Free website and text translation tools.
Web-based and CD versions of English, Dutch, German, Danish, French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Welsh, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Swahili language courses.
A font library with various typeface options such as Pragmatic, News Gothic, Magistral, Octava, and Secretary. May also be available with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Georgian and Hebrew fonts, for Mac, Win PS, and OpenType.
International cuisine and cooking art series. Also carries a collection of language and international interest books: bilingual love poetry, proverbs, dictionaries, Polish interest books, travel and militaria.
Listen to sermons or purchase Islamic books and audio/video with selected poems and teachings of Islam as well as titles that include: The Promised Messiah, Muslim Prayer, Jesus in India and A Man of God.
Islamic religion, children books and history including titles on Quran/Tafsir, Hadith, Aqidah (Creed) & Fiqh, Ramadhan Hajj Zakat, Salat (Prayer) & Dua.
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Thousands of books of interest to Muslims, with such titles as: The Qur'an & The Arabic Language, Belief and the Afterlife and Islam in America. With a range of BlackSeed products, Da'Wah materials, gifts, Halal cosmetics, perfumes and more.