Custom coasters made from glass, pulp board, sandstone and bamboo, glass ornaments, party favors, toasting flutes, wine and shot glasses in various shapes, sizes, themes and designs personalized with custom photos, laser engraving and monogramming.
Glass beads, chemicals, copper foil, fusing, glass cutters, saws and grinders, mosaics, kaleidoscopes, patterns, oak frames, bevels, solders and complete projects and kits.
Supplies and kits for stained glass, mosaic, hot glass and jewelry making projects.
Portfolio of customized, handmade glass dinnerware and tabletop solutions integrated with the interior design created by The Glass Co. for hotels, restaurants and luxury hospitality industry around the world.
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Reading and distance metal, plastic and rimless eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with a selection of children's eyewear. Glasses come in a variety of frames with UV protection and scratch resistant coating.
Fashionable metal, plastic and carbon framed magnifying reading glasses, with various options and strengths. Protective cases and eyeglass cords also available.
Reading, computer work, distance, bendable, rimless, designer and safety glasses, sunglasses and goggles with custom prescription lenses, free protective case, cleaning cloth, and scratch resistant, optional UV, and anti-reflective coating.
Clear, colored, bifocal, anti-fog, mirrored, polarized, indoor, outdoor, and filtered lens safety glasses, dual and single lens goggles, ear muffs, foam, corded and uni-fit ear plugs, and steel and soft toe work boots for men.