FAQ: Gimpsy Promotion Options

Why should I consider the Gimpsy Promotion Options

Gimpsy is proud to offer site owners an excellent value site promotion option.

How will I benefit from a fast inclusion?

There are several ways to benefit by being included in Gimpsy as soon as possible:

How will I benefit from being promoted in Gimpsy?

The percentage of click-throughs in Gimpsy depending of position in the search results is following:
First position - 14%, second - 11%, third - 9%, fourth - 8%,... seventh - 5%,... tenth - 4%.
Nearly 70% of all the clicks in Gimpsy are made on the first 10 sites!
Depending of the selected Gimpsy Promotion option, your site will occupy a top position from 75 to 280 days . It will be awarded a 'Golden star' and be shown on a highlighted background. As evident from the table above, it stands an excellent chance of being picked up and clicked on.

What happens if no decision is reached within the promised time?

Gimpsy is perhaps the first and only directory to back up its service agreement with Site Owners, with a full money back guarantee . Should the editorial team fail to reach a final verdict within the allotted time, the review payment will be refunded in full . If the site is subsequently approved, it will still enjoy the same privileges as if it was approved on time. Under no circumstances will the refund amount exceed the sum initially paid to Gimpsy.

What happens if my site is declined?

Unlike most other directory, Gimpsy refunds part of the payment with the Premium Promotion Option . The refund is issued in recognition of the reduced work load for Gimpsy when a site is rejected. At the moment, the amount refunded is currently 49 USD.

Do you use different acceptance criteria for paying submissions?

Not at all! Each submitted site gets the same exhaustive scrutiny by the Editorial Team. Gimpsy will only accept suitable sites. There will be no compromises on the integrity of the search results in Gimpsy. To clarify: The payment is for the expedited review and promotion of accepted sites - not for inclusion.

As a promoted site with a 'Golden Star', is my position in the category fixed?

Having a 'Golden Star' implies that your site will always rank above non-promoted sites and sites with a 'Blue Star'. However, when newer sites are promoted, these sites will rank higher. Every new site that is accepted to that category 'pushes down' all the other sites in the same promotion level.

Will I get any additional benefits by linking to Gimpsy from my site?

Indeed you will! Sites that link to us can get a much longer promotion period. The exact time frame is decided on a case by case basis.