Link removal from Gimpsy

From time to time we receive requests from site owners (or a company working on their behalf) to remove the link from the Gimpsy Directory to their site. This page outlines the Gimpsy position in respect to such requests. It explains in detail why we believe that the request is misguided and counterproductive to the site owner and to Gimpsy and sets out the process to follow if the requestor insists on having this work done.

First, we should emphasise that we fully appreciate that once a site is notified by Google that it is penalized for "unnatural linking" strategies the site owner would be very eager to clean their act and remove all the offending links. Unfortunately, some of those site owners do not really understand what an "offensive link" is and choose to remove ALL links "to be on the safe side". In doing so they end up "throwing out the baby with the bath water", as some of the links are positive and help promote the site rather than harm it.

It is our firm belief that the links from Gimpsy are an excellent example of the type of links that Google approves of. The distinction is simple: Google's penalty relates to links that were purchased and/or created by an automated submission and approval system. Google does not penalize independent links. Such links are created after careful deliberation by a human being that considered that a link to that site is a useful addition to the content of their site and provides valuable experience to their users. All links in the Gimpsy directory are of that nature.

As a registered Gimpsy user you are probably aware that sites can be submitted, reviewed and listed at Gimpsy free of charge. If a site owner chooses to pay - the payment is never for being LISTED - it is for being REVIEWED in an expedited manner. Being listed in Gimpsy is only ever approved if the site meets our quality and content criteria and it is unrelated to the payment (if made). In fact, Gimpsy has a high number of rejections (in excess of 40,000!), which is ample proof that when a site was listed and a link to it created it was done on the site's merit and nothing else.

You don't have to take our word for it: please review the information from Google itself, presented in this video. Then, compare what you have learned to Gimpsy's Terms and Conditions, specifically:

We trust that the above evidence is sufficiently compelling and if you were thinking of requesting the removal of a link from Gimpsy you would reconsider. However, if that is not the case, and you still wish us to remove a link from the directory, we would respect your request. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Create a ticket. Indicate which web site you wish to remove from Gimpsy.
  2. Gimpsy will remove all the links to the requested site, ensuring that if it appears in several categories (as some do), it will be removed from all.
  3. You will receive confirmation that the work has been completed within 4 working days of the payment being made.
Please note our Terms and Conditions for this request: