Small and large stowing bags, waterproof self inflating foam pads, inflatable tubes with different diameters, collapsible buckets and other whitewater, paddle sports and rafting gear.
A full service spa in Winter Park, Florida, providing extreme makeovers, mommy makeovers, breast augmentation, plastic surgery, BOTOX, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, fat transfers, breast lifts, and other skin rejuvenation options.
Stainless steel and aluminum filler metals, welding helmets and gloves, gas cylinders, angle grinders, plasma parts, Miller welders, torches, MIG parts, and officially licensed Nascar welding and safety products.
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Shipbuilding/offshore, insulation, and master catalogs which carry stud welding products and supplies from CD and Arc weld studs to refractory and stud welded fastening systems. Quote request for specific product requirements.
Horseshoes and farrier supplies including forges, hoof stands, anvils and tool boxes. Also find aluminium, pitching and glue-on shoes, nails, and welding products.
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Maintenance, repair and replacement industrial supplies. Chemicals, fasteners, abrasives, aerosols, automotive, pneumatic and hand tools, welding rods, chain/construction hardware, rivets, anchors, rings, pins, keys and studs.
Industrial, power or hand tools and supplies, such as abrasives, cutting tools, grinders, sanders, health and safety items, MRO products, calipers, digital readouts, paints, coatings & chemicals, welding supplies and precision indicators.
Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and bronze sheets, bars, mesh, pipes, tubes and sections, fasteners, connectors and screws, tube clamps and handrail systems, welding equipment, power and plumbing tools, work clothing and shoes.
Vocational training and degree programs with hands-on education, classroom and lab instruction preparing students for welding technology, pipefitting, electro-mechanical and other skilled trade careers at campuses in Oklahoma, Florida and Texas, USA.
Mobile welding, custom fabrication, structural installation and repair of heavy duty equipment, pipes, steel, stainless and aluminum materials for clients throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, British Columbia.