Forums and resources on Authentic Traditional Feng Shui Theories and Chinese Astrology. Free Expert Advice, Ba Zi Feng Shui Analysis, Flying Star Analysis and more.
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Premier auction site for metaphysical, wiccan, and alternative spirituality items on the internet: Candles, cristals, divination tools, feng shui, astrology to tarot cards. Products claimed to fill with wonder, heal, and inspire spirituality.
Author forums on Feng Shui, Buddhism, modern philosophy, pyschology and spirituality. Various Buddhist titles.
Holistic health and alternative medicine titles on vegetarianism, reflexology, Ayurveda medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, environmental health/Feng Shui, reflexology, exercise, bodywork and movement.
A wealth of Hindu products and information. Shopping area offers books, music and arts and crafts, including idols, paintings, Puja articles, decoratives, Yantras and Feng Shui items.
Books on topics combining spiritual concepts with practical how-to: Tarot learning kit, astrology (Sun signs, Mercury retrograde, transiting Lunar nodes, Venus), Feng Shui basics, money and prosperity workbook.
Bi-monthly magazine, health products, jewelry, music CDs, books, feng shui items, crystals, divination kits, juicers, wristbands, exotic oils, hemp products, greeting cards, posters, videos, calendars, diaries and more.
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Books, videos, audio cassettes and CDs on topics such as astrology, feng shui, spirituality, angels, healing, alternative health, fitness, meditation, inspirational, self improvement, empowerment, relationships, family and parenting.
Detailed personalized horoscopes, and academic, black magic, business, career, child, health, life, love, match making and wealth astrological reports. Divine rosaries, therapy gem stones, Yantra, Rudraksh beads, Feng Shui, and assorted crystal products.