Residential and commercial heating and cooling repair, replace, cleaning, purifying and tune-ups in Portland, Oregon. Free price quotes.
Evaporative cooling systems, and wall mount, self-contained and pedestal style portable misting fans suitable for animal and outdoor cooling, and dust, odor and humidity control.
Round and serial cables, computer cases, CPU cooling, fans and grills, speakers, thermal compounds, cleaners, and surge protectors by Abit, Antec, Arctic Silver, Belkin, Cooler Master, GigaByte, Kingston, OCZ Technology, Vantec and other manufacturers.
Indoor and outdoor cooling supplies for patios, backyard parties, sporting events, large buildings and even a specially designed accessory for the pet. Misting systems, pedestal fans, personal air coolers and portable hydration systems.
Acrylic, aluminum and custom cases, case mods, filters and grills, fans, temperature monitors, CPU and cooling solutions for overclocking.
Water cooled cases, modified and standard cases, Intel and AMD CPU coolers, VGA/chipset/memory coolers, case fans and case lightning systems.
Computer cables (USB, printer, monitor, SCSI, and more), adapters, cooling products; switch boxes, KVM switches, ethernet testers, ink jet cartridges, VGA multipliers, splitters, amplifiers; mice, keyboards, and other computer accessories.
Brand name video, chipset, RAM, hard drive and CPU cooling components including fans, guards, shims, temp monitors and pastes. A large selection of computer and audio cables are available as well.
Colorful beach towels, 2-3 seater shaded beach cabanas, chair cushions, and towels designed to fit chaise lounges.