Various New Age items, such as tarot decks, crystal balls, books, ear cones, jewelry, statues, candles and incenses. Psychic consultations and readings.
Birth, compatibility, solar return and astro cartography astrology reports, along with live tarot, astrology and psychic readings, and custom designed astrology charts printed on quality photo paper.
Astrology and numerology reports, medium, clairvoyant and Tarot readings, and other private and confidential psychic readings in the areas of life, family, relationships, love, career, self-awareness and finances. Free newsletter and daily horoscope.
Join Psychics in chat or on the message board to facilitate discussion of clairvoyance, divination, astrology and hauntings, or get a psychic reading by Sue Bolden, Jane Horton, Felicia Barksdale and other consultants via email.
Psychic readings, Tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, past life readings and spiritual counseling by clairvoyant psychic Ann George, along with herbal incense, aromatherapy soaps, and hand poured ritual candles.
Confidential e-mail readings by De'Ana D'monte, a psychic and clairvoyant from the UK, using psychic abilities, tarot and rune readings to forecast future events.
Psychic, tarot, and past life readings, crystal healing, house blessings, sound healing, stress management, grief counseling, pain management, hypnotherapy, and guided meditations by a clairvoyant psychic adviser and medium in Massachusetts.
Themes for discussion are Mediumship, Spiritualism, Healing, the Afterlife, Sai Baba and Reincarnation. See movie clips of mediumship being demonstrated or visit the psychic shop to purchase books, CD's and book clairvoyant or oracle readings.
Psychic counseling by Linda Dalton, on any topic using traditional Tarot methods. Questions may be general or specific.
Designed to test and develop the user's psychic abilities by guessing which shape is in the box.