Readings and horoscopes in relation to the sun, moon, birth charts, transit reports and solar returns. Other forecasts include romance, finance, career, parents and children, friends and relatives.
Birth, compatibility, solar return and astro cartography astrology reports, along with live tarot, astrology and psychic readings, and custom designed astrology charts printed on quality photo paper.
Chinese astrology and Lunar calendar conversions, dating and marriage matchmaker, baby gender predictor, and Internet dating site reviews with up-to-date ranking charts that displays the number of members, and current Alexa ranking.
TimePassages Astrology - calculates natal charts, transits, progressions compatibility reports and other interpretation reports. ACS Atlas with location and time information for over 250,000 cities, towns and hospitals world-wide.
Live and archived recordings of wild orca calls plus views from the webcam in Johnstone Strait, Canada during the summer. Highlight videos available all year round.
Books on topics combining spiritual concepts with practical how-to: Tarot learning kit, astrology (Sun signs, Mercury retrograde, transiting Lunar nodes, Venus), Feng Shui basics, money and prosperity workbook.
Esoteric, spirituality and astrology books and articles - aspects in astrology, astrocartography/relocation, eclipses, Kabbalah, past lives/reincarnation, mythology, planets, Solar returns, Synastry, transits/progressions, Vedic astrology.
Mortgage, cost of living, salary, driving and mileage calculators between cities in the USA. Detailed reports and comparison of up to six communities on schools, crime, cost of living, demographics, housing, health, climate, entertainment and culture.
Live and email tarot and rune readings, indepth daily/monthly horoscopes, natal charts and astrology reports, detailed numerology reports, realtime biorhythm readings, and more. Trial membership available.
Astrology calculation as well as specialty programs and books - chart calculation, financial astrology, report writers, asteroid ephemerides, planetary phenomena. Order birth chart, forecast, personal numerology, relationship, and Maya/Aztec reports.