Magical world where beasts have learned to speak and walk upon two legs. Control an avatar of your choice and explore this magical world. Choose between canine, equine, feline and more. Socialize with other members, accept challenges in other games.
Livestock, equine, pet, and animal health care products, pest control, pet toys, feeding supplements, grooming supplies, salt licks, tack, pet treats and apparel.
Pharmaceuticals, embryo handling, packaging and transfer, nitrogen tanks, syringes and needles, microscopes and ultrasounds, bovine and equine A.I. products, cryopreservation systems, and disinfectants.
Oil, pastel and colored pencil paintings, prints and drawings of sport horses, ponies and foals. All artworks are by Karen Baker Thumm.
Equine photographs by Andrew Wheeler, each finished as a Gicle fine art print and imaged on Epson Smooth fine art papers, giving them an archival life of over 150 years.
Located in:
Horse stalls, grilled partitions, exterior Dutch doors and shutters, rubber flooring, stall and paddock flooring, fencing, covered/enclosed arenas, automatic waterers and insect control, feeders, infrared heaters, saddle racks, tack and trailer trunks.
An independent distributor of Tahitian Noni Juice available in single bottles or cases, along with distributor kits, seed oil, leaf serum and equine essentials.
Horse classifieds, trailers, tack and saddles, horse farms, clinics, dressage, breeding and boarding facilities. Free and premium photo or video ads. Horse apparel, footwear, gifts, grooming supplies and supplements from different Internet retailers.
Residential treatment center helping girls struggling with bad behavior, disrespect, school expulsion, legal problems, or minor drug use, make life changes through clinical, equine and recreational therapy.
Residential treatment center located in Heron, Montana, helps at risk teenage girls with life-controlling issues, through individual, group and family counseling, workshops, recreational events, equine therapy and academic programs.