Locate and contact a volunteer minister; ready and waiting to help with substance abuse, learning problems, stressful situations, relationship issues, and more.
Located in:
Recruits and matches qualified volunteers for non-profit organizations in the USA. Donations help to support non-profits.
Find out why you're not happy with life by taking this Personality Test and receiving an evaluation free of charge.
Free DVD presentation of Scientology, book catalog, personality test, confidential personal evaluation and professional Dianetics consultation by a team of trained experts.
A safe environment where kids with special needs from all over the world can meet and make friends. Monitored chat and forums are provided as well as games and a newsletter. Volunteers are also needed to help monitor, encourage, and support the kids.
Opportunities to volunteer for a variety of overseas projects in South Africa, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala and other countries. Photos, videos, webcam, and application to apply for a position which includes accommodation and volunteer placement.
Women, families and partners may volunteer and receive support for high risk pregnancies.
Independent not for profit organization which provides information on a wide range of volunteer projects in Africa, to it's members. Projects include penguin conservation, teaching, Meercat research project, journalism, and archaeological fieldwork.
Christian retreat center in Maryland providing innovative programs, events and mini sabbaticals for churches, families, adults, children across the USA. Volunteer applications, donations, gift certificates, free videos, DVDs and promotional materials.