Beds, oversized pillows, travel blankets, permanent or collapsible kennels, houses, and solid wood steps for dogs.
Baby puppy welcome gift sets, steel bowls, dog and hound collars and leads, reflective vests and cuffs, harness vests, embroidered jackets, warm up coats, hand carved and painted beds and pet pride T-shirts.
Dog training equipment for family pets, hunting dogs, and services dogs such as electronic bark and training collars, aluminum pet doors, containment systems with adjustable intensity, tick removers, dog treats, and retractable leashes.
Gourmet dog treats: cheese bites, peanut butter treats, honey and chicken biscuits, chipped beef, apple pupcakes, birthday cakes, brownies, tacos, sampler packs and gift boxes as well as personalized feeding bowls in small and large sizes.
Dog clubs and associations, exercise and grooming requirements, diet and nutrition, health problems, temperament, physical and behavioral characteristics, descriptions and photos of all toy dog breeds as classified by the AKC.
Brand name consumer electronics including camcorders, digital cameras, DJ amplifiers, headphones, microphones, mixers, hair dryers, curling irons and car audio systems. Small kitchen appliances such as ice cream makers, blenders and microwaves as well.
Power inverters and chargers for trucks, boats, RVs, small appliances, electronics and tools, inverter cables, battery chargers, weather stations, atomic clocks, emergency radios, digital cameras, and tents for trucks and SUVs.
Memory foam, sofa, race car, basketball, football and soccer ball beds, cushions, pillow shams, bowls and feeders, carriers, crates, collars, harnesses, plush, rope and chew toys, treats, bones, clothes, training tools and books especially for small dogs.
Heavy duty, lightweight, decorative wood, and car/SUV steps and stairs for small dogs, cats, and pets with post-surgical or joint problems, in different sizes and colors, with optional storage, covers and non-skid pads.