Complete cable management systems that organize and manage 8 to 30 desk cables. Lift all cables, power adapters, power strips, hubs, modems and other small devices off the floor.
One stop source for all connectivity requirements: cable (coaxial, flat silver satin, fiber optic, token ring, speaker), connectors, USB hubs, media converters, networking equipment (hubs, wireless networks), cable assemblies, test equipment and more.
Audio, video and computer cables, including SCSI, USB, FireWire cables, SVIDEO, PCMCIA cables, adapters, network cables, joystick/keyboard/mouse cables, switch boxes and accessories.
SCSI cables, adapters and terminators, FireWire and USB cables and converters, video splitters, fiber optic, network cables, hi-resolution monitor cables and custom cables.
Computer cables, including CD-ROM, MIDI, joystick, keyboard, external modem, monitor cables, mouse, IDE/floppy, SCSI, USB, firewire, printer and bnc cables, connectors as well as cable adapters, SCSI adapters, I/O ports and other accessories.
Custom and standard computer cables, bulk wires, cable assemblies (IDE, floppy, audio, Ethernet, SCSI, modem, printer, serial, KVM, and more), adapters, terminators, converters, connectors, cabling tools and networking hardware (hubs, cards, repeaters).
Coaxial, DVI, fiber optic, firewire, HDMI, KVM, parallel, printer, PS/2, RGB, SCSI, serial, SVGA, telephone, USB, and category 5E, and 6 cables, as well as adapters, connectors, jacks, switch boxes, power cords, and other accessories.
Cat5E, Cat6, audio/video, computer, FireWire, fiber optic and bulk cables, enclosures, panels and adapters, network tools, data switches, broadband routers, USB hubs, UPS systems, wireless access points, network PC cards, wall racks and server cabinets.
Cable avoidance tips and training courses covering cable avoidance techniques and practices, legislation, safe system of work, theory of operation, use of locating devices and locating methods for site workers across the UK.