Custom made and hand molded leather and nylon tactical, concealed gun, shoulder and belt holsters along with magazine cases, ammo pouches, tactical gloves, hunting bags, knife holsters and ammunition belts.
First aid kits for homes, vehicles, mobile stations and emergency response teams. Shelf style cabinets, nylon and leather holster sets, organizer aprons, medical pins, eyecare, and general home-health care products.
OEM and aftermarket high capacity batteries, faceplates, handsfree kits, replacement antennas, cases, holsters, battery chargers, holders, cellular or PCS data connectivity kits, antenna boosters, data cables and cell phone combo deals.
Motorola family and business two-way radios and accessories, such as: antennas, batteries, chargers, clips, holsters, adapters.
Camouflage clothing, fan and beard mounting kits, assorted locator calls, hickory and all weather strikers, custom turkey calls, instructional aids, decoys, choke tubes, blinds, holsters and other hunting accessories.
Wireless keyboards, headphones, home monitoring systems, motion detectors, phone and PDA holsters, arm radios, audio/video players, digital handheld compasses, flashlights, watches, alcohol detectors, infra-red thermometers, and automatic soap dispensers.
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Streetwise and Stun Master brand different voltage stun guns, stun batons, flashlight stun guns, mace pepper spray, air taser guns, and leather holsters, replacement units and batteries.
Listening devices, pepper sprays, taser, and stun guns, covert surveillance systems, personal alarms, metal detectors, door and window alarms, animal repellents and law enforcement equipment such as handcuffs, batons, and holsters.
Batteries, chargers, hands free kits, faceplates, belt clips, holsters, data cables, cases, antennas, lightup keypads, pouches, holograms, and assorted colors of lanyards and straps for most makes and models of mobile phones.
Tactical gear, pepper spray, stun guns, pelican cases, flashlights, footwear and boots, holsters, Under Armour apparel, handcuffs, knives, goggles, GPS units, gear bags, Tritium watches, expandable batons, and multi-purpose tools.