Spiritual philosophy publications on subjects ranging from astrology, buddhism, health, inspiration, meditation, mythology to religion, self help, spirituality and vegetarianism.
Accepts science and technology related journal articles to be made freely available to the general public. Publications are funded through author publication charges. Donations are accepted.
Books, manuals and software specifically for electric utilities. Practical, field-proven publications originally written for internal use.
Self-help psychology, life skills and health publications on relaxation, stress, trauma, grief, anger, addictions, depression, anxiety & phobia balanced living, coping guides, divorce, eating disorders and sexuality.
Dianetics and scientology publications, and especially the works of L. Ron Hubbard.
A complete line of cruising guides, fishing maps, celestial navigation, boat design, naval history, kayaking, marine life, sailing, weather, cooking books, sailboat racing, seamanship and other nautical publications.
Registered New Zealand pharmacy with medicines, cosmetics, first aid supplies, children's gifts, bathroom goods, household items, natural remedies, food supplements, body supports, reading glasses, and prescription meds for New Zealand residents only.
Depression interview with Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D., and packages and individual natural formula products for treatment of depression, anger and irritability, anxiety, and obsessiveness taken from the book titled 7 Weeks to Sobriety.
Different styles of men's gold, platinum, white gold, palladium, and tungsten carbide wedding bands that come with a free ring box, and optional engraving.
Houston attorneys at law providing estate planning, and legal representation with free case evaluation for individuals and families going through divorce, child custody and other family-related legal matters.