Hopper, hummingbird, squirrel-proof, tray and woodpecker bird feeders, as well as bird baths, squirrel feeders, nest boxes, bird/nature books, educational kits, calendars, hardware supplies and plush beanbag Audubon collectibles.
Selection of bird houses, bird baths and feeders, flamingo garden stakes, planters, statues and fountains, benches, wind spinners and other garden decor and accessories for birding enthusiasts.
Shop at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art. Furniture, lighting, home accents such as picture frames and vases, tableware and kitchen accessories, stationery, jewelry/watches and puzzle-type toys for adults and children.
Web store/shopping cart software system that supports PayPal and 4 other gateways. Create pages, add categories and products, optimize images, change colors and fonts without CGI, Java, or scripting skills.
Automatic feeders, drinkers and timers, gas and electric brooders, cage traps, electric fencing, aviary netting, beak bits, tagging and brails, and vermin repellents for game birds, poultry, and wild fowl.
Food, containments, biscuits, waterers, repellents, air pumps, filter cartridges, marine filter medias, cages, feeders, leashes, habitats and bedding accessories.
A husband and wife act, playing traditional and original American and Celtic folk music. Available tracks include: And Then I'm Going Home, Don't Bother the Phoebe, Where the Wild Birds Do Whistle and Labor and Love.
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Framed, matted and unframed technically accurate indentification charts, posters and prints of virtually every kind of fish from rainbow trout to salmon, along with wild birds, shellfish, marine life and botanicals.
Non-denominational, non-profit Christian housing organization which builds affordable homes in partnership with those in need of decent shelter. Donations enable the continuing program of building across America and the world.
Backyard Bird and Bird Watcher's Digest magazine subscription, audio files that contain bird calls and songs to help with identification, bird themed books and gifts, photo gallery, club finder, and content that is available to registered members only.