Fundraising programs for schools, churches, sororities, fraternities, nonprofit organizations, and any other group in need of raising money, by selling magazine subscriptions and discount cards, or by acquiring credit card application approvals.
Pasta fundraising programs for schools, sports teams, cheerleading, dance, musical, youth and church groups, clubs, non-profit and professional organizations of all sizes across the USA.
Professional advice, training and support helping charities and not-for-profit organisations across the UK to create fundraising plans, strategies and techniques, organise and manage fundraising events, prospect, cultivate and steward major donors.
2 monthly newsletters dedicated to fundraising for profit and nonprofit groups. One newsletter addresses groups raising funds, the other groups that supply fundraiseers with products and ideas.
Free personalized fundraising web site and magazine estore. Invite visitors to buy, renew or extend favorite magazine subscriptions from over 650 popular titles, and earn a percentage of each purchase amount.
Free charity shopping service that allows supporters to raise money for schools, churches, charities, sports clubs, community groups and other good causes across the UK by shopping at a selection of partner retailers. Free donations are available.
A wide variety of fundraising packages. Cookie dough, microwavable French bread pizza, candles, gourmet coffee, name brand candy, lollipops, and cheesecake fundraisers. Also with brochures for holiday or sandwich fundraising.
Integrated fundraising software solutions, web-based modules and management systems for non-profit and community organizations, walk-a-thons, charity auctions and golf tournaments, fundraising events and general donation management. Free trial.
Unique, free-standing personalized desktop calendars that come with high-quality printing, laminated pages and a photo of your choice. Product comes in assorted styles and two different sizes. Suitable for fundraising, business promotion or personal use.
Garden in a can, lollipops, candy bars, beef jerky, cookies, treats, fudge, candles, popcorn, safety kits, scratch cards, wristbands, pizza cards, 2-year planners, and scented pencils.