Raw herbs, herbal teas, extract powders, diet supplements, Chinese tonic formulas and herbal treatment for joints, allergies, pain, pets, skin, stress, vision, digestion, liver cleansing, energy, lung support and immunity.
Real-life scenario based lessons, glossaries and exercises presented by a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. Subscribers have full access to all content, including multimedia lessons, unique interactive exercises and one-to-one audio practice sessions.
Consumer, business, saturation, new movers, telemarketing, direct mail, and specialty lists created in the user's preferred format. Email marketing, data enhancement and reseller solutions are provided as well. Free quotes.
First aid, strength training, Chinese sports medicine formulas and supplements, teas, Ginseng roots, oils, balms and ointments, tinctures, plasters, sports drinks, powders, syrups and soaks made with organic ingredients, Chinese and Western herbs.
Books on Taoism, Qigong Theory and recovering from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, along with Chinese herbs, internal cleanse filters and Tao elixirs.
Skin and hair care products featuring Night Radiance, the bedtime makeup worn by many celebrities. Moisturizers, anti-aging treatments, face and body wash, soy, wheatgrass, rice protein and chinese herbs-based shampoos and conditioners.
Doctor's recommended coral calcium supplements as well as blood pressure reducers and insomnia remedies made from Chinese herbs.
Chinese character dictionary, English/Chinese traditional, traditional + simplified and Pinyin/English dictionaries. The dictionary characters can be found by bushou, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, English, cangjie, and internal code methods.
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Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian language learning materials (textbooks, reference books, bilingual, children books ) as well as books about Asian art, history, literature, culture, and Chinese traditional medicine.