Tons of different ecards for every occasion. Cards are easy to send and are full of attitude.
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Learn about and analyze attitude, the cycle of change, depression, Enneagram, labyrinth, lessons for life, managing stress, midlife, mind storms, sidewalk of life, stereograms, wheel of life, and then take a test.
Support and encouragement through a private, moderated email list service, for the homeschooling husband, wife, family as well as those who have a positive attitude toward homeschooling. Includes bi-monthly subscription to the newsletter.
Alabama's host of popular sports talk programs with an attitude. Daily live shows by Paul Finebaum, as well as parodies, humor, and clips with the current month's interviews.
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Behavior management programs for children aged between four and eighteen. Programs deal with issues such as defiance, chores, sibling rivalry, outburts, lying, bad attitudes, hitting, ADHD and much more.
Books that center on professional development and include sales strategies, maintaining a positive attitude, behavioural style, motivation and leadership skills. Free newsletter that contains business tips, articles and suggestions.
T-shirts, spaghetti strap tank tops and other clothing items with playful graphics such as Scarface, the Simpsons, South Park and religious, inspirational, retro, occupational, attitude and other sayings.
The Employee Survey How-To book package is a resource for small organizations, which provides information on how to assess job satisfaction, morale, attitude, and opinions of employees, and includes professionally developed questionnaires.
Discussions, opinions, reviews and advice among chicks with attitude on music, books and films, health, sex, love, drugs, travel, dreams, jobs, technology and other topics.
Custom vinyl stickers personalized with funny, geek or attitude messages, customer's artwork and graphics, as well as flags, work safety, emergency, industrial, traffic and road signs.