Wide selection of ephedra-free weight loss drops formulated from natural ingredients, as well as energy boosting capsules and drops, ProJoba products and energy drinks containing pollen as an anti-oxidant.
Provides easy access to shortcuts, applications and documents. Compact size reduces desktop clutter and promotes productivity. Features simple Drag & Drop operation, Open & Close CoolBars, drop-down menu buttons for fast document retrieval.
Worldwide tracking of FedEx packages as well as shipping rates and pickup and drop off locations.
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Bookworm, Pop & drop, Bounce Out, Text Twist, Collapse and other classic Java games, along with shooting, racing, casino, sports, puzzle and other games for all ages.
Schedule and download files from FTP and Web servers. Drag and drop or Alt-click links in the browser to schedule them for immediate or deferred download. The program resumes broken connections until the files are completed
Contextual menu and drag and drop system utilities. Screen magnification utility that retrieves color values as well as desktop images. Download trial version or older free versions of the programs
'Quick Notes Plus' is a management tool used to create sticky notes on desktops and memoboards. 'Piky Basket' makes copying, pasting, dragging and dropping of files, easier and faster.
Telephone related complaints such as accessibility by persons with disabilities, service plan rates, early termination, premature dropped calls, busy signals and unsolicited telephone marketing by Bell Atlantic, MCI Worldcom, and other U.S. companies.
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Stores files in archives and extracts (unzip) files from archives. Creates self-extracting zip archives. Supports multiple archive formats, advanced search, Windows integration, drag and drop.
Block stocks; universal, angled and extended drop forwards, strip-it kits for cleaning guns without using tools, and Spyder gun packages.