Replacement filters for air cleaners and humidifiers made by Whirlpool, Hunter, Boston, Autoflo, Edison and other manufacturers.
Top-rated water filters for under or over the counter or all through the house. Air filters, purifiers and cleaners, and replacement filters for all Austin Air and Honeywell models.
Full range of pleated, carbon, antimicrobial, attic A/C replacement, electrostatic and disposable filters for industrial and residential ventilation and air purification systems, as well as custom designed filters made to client's specifications.
Air purifiers, ozone generators and odor removal solutions, custom made aluminum frame filter systems, micro-fiber and cartridge media replacements, zeolite and activated carbon refills and filter pads for air conditioners and furnaces.
Whole house drinking water systems and undersink/ice maker replacement filters and cartridges for removing dirt, rust and odors from the water. Provides cross reference information and spec sheets.
Refrigerator water filters, ice makers and replacement parts by Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Hotpoint and many other brands.
Amana, GE, Kenmore and other brand name filters made for refrigerators with built-in automatic water dispensers.
Replacement filters and filtration systems made specifically for recreational vehicles as well as counter top and standard drinking water systems, replacement cartridges, pumps, hoses, and pressure regulators.
Use the selection wizard to find the most appropriate water filtration unit, water dispenser, water chiller, softener or reverse osmosis unit for the home or office. Systems are easy to install and protect against everything from allergies to rust.
A range of under counter, counter top and portable reverse osmosis water purification systems, filtered faucets and shower heads, water bottles, replacement parts and accessories.