"Entertaining Tales for Grown-ups". Collection of short stories - Moe Minsky Tales, which are written and narrated by Al Geto.
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Experiential travel books, tips and wisdom for travelers, country tales and regional guides, classic travelers' tales, special interest anthologies and more.
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Ghostly folk tales and spooky stories from the American South, narrated by various storytellers.
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Tagalog slang, list of verbs, dictionary, discussion forums, language lessons, verb lessons, greetings and useful phrases as well as Filipino folk tales. Also features a childrens and a teachers page.
Educational interaction with all the characters from the PBS kids TV shows, including Clifford, Barney, Dragon Tales and more. Click "fun and games" to play games, find coloring pages, music, and movies. Site supports COPPA.
Educational games for kids: Math Baseball, Change Maker and Wacky Tales. Parents, parent-kid challenges and teachers section.
Adult material in spooky, atmospheric small tales. Based on old legends and surmises.
The animators for the popular Mr Man series and other tales with moral overtones.
Watercolors, drawings, prints and signed prints by Tasha Tudor and Bethany Tudor. Rare editions of books and periodicals: miniature books, Tasha Tudor illustrated books for children, art books, Christmas and Easter tales and more.
Unusual radio program with audio, video and photos of real-life hauntings, angels, paranormal tales, UFO sightings, sprites and other ghostlike phenomena. Live broadcasting is available to paying members only.
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