Website monitoring service that sends alerts via email, cellphone or instant messenger, includes false alarm protection, and sends weekly performance website reports. Free trial.
An advanced website testing, monitoring and reporting service with a choice of notification by phone, pager, email or SMS device. Features include group alerts, real time reports, history, SLA manager and multi-user access.
Independent monitor of high yield investment programs that includes a blacklist, discussion forum, and the last payouts, rates, updates, earnings, main profit, and current status.
Website monitoring service for site owners and webmasters that sends alerts via email when sites become unavailable. Website is tested every hour and a web site performance statistics is sent once a week.
A safe environment where kids with special needs from all over the world can meet and make friends. Monitored chat and forums are provided as well as games and a newsletter. Volunteers are also needed to help monitor, encourage, and support the kids.
Large selection of rackmount LCD monitors, KVM over IP, PS/2, and USB switches, keyboard drawers, rugged servers, and climate monitoring units.
Rackmount LCD drawers, and monitors, industrial LCD displays, rack monitoring systems, extenders, KVM switches, and splitters, video splitters, switches, and converters, server racks, cables, and adaptors.
Parental control and employee real time monitoring of mobile phone activity, including text messages, call history, audio, camera, photos, videos, contacts, Skype, Facebook Messenger and GPS locations. Option to monitor remotely.
Wrist or pendant transmitter system that when pushed, will contact the 24 hour monitoring center. Supersensitive microphone allows voice communication with operators who will then take appropriate action.