Detailed reports that help people gain a sense of what different locations might be like for them, even if they have never been there before. This is a powerful tool for people who are planning a move or vacation.
Birth, compatibility, solar return and astro cartography astrology reports, along with live tarot, astrology and psychic readings, and custom designed astrology charts printed on quality photo paper.
TimePassages Astrology - calculates natal charts, transits, progressions compatibility reports and other interpretation reports. ACS Atlas with location and time information for over 250,000 cities, towns and hospitals world-wide.
Chinese astrology and Lunar calendar conversions, dating and marriage matchmaker, baby gender predictor, and Internet dating site reviews with up-to-date ranking charts that displays the number of members, and current Alexa ranking.
Esoteric, spirituality and astrology books and articles - aspects in astrology, astrocartography/relocation, eclipses, Kabbalah, past lives/reincarnation, mythology, planets, Solar returns, Synastry, transits/progressions, Vedic astrology.
Astrology calculation as well as specialty programs and books - chart calculation, financial astrology, report writers, asteroid ephemerides, planetary phenomena. Order birth chart, forecast, personal numerology, relationship, and Maya/Aztec reports.
Solar Fire series of programs for predictive astrology, relationship, classical and horary, cosmobiology and Uranian esoteric, locational and Vedic astrology. Solar Maps, tools for astro-mapping, relocational astrology and local space astrology.
Astrology resources for professional astrologer, student, amateur or personal use. Charting and calculations, Tibetan astrology, oracle, astro kaleidoscope, biorhythm and Tarot software. Articles, reviews, learning tools, personalized astrology reports.
Standard, professional and web editions of graphical astrology software packages for astrology bureaus, research scholars, home users and web sites. Also find computerized horoscope, numerology, zodiac predictions, life analysis and annual guidance plans.
Astrology software and books for calculating and interpreting horoscopes, synastry for evaluating the aspects between two charts, asteroid calculation, transit list calculations, compatibility and natal reports.