Hot and cold drinks, protein bars, soups, puddings, desserts, meal replacements, calcium, multi-vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and high protein diet kits to prepare bariatric patients for surgery and post-surgery recovery.
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Reviews and ratings of top weight loss (bariatric) surgeons in Mexico providing all types of bariatric, weight loss and metabolic surgery procedures and options for Mexican patients and medical tourists from Canada and the USA.
Bariatric and weight-loss surgery procedures for patients in the USA and Canada at a network of accredited hospitals and bariatric surgical facilities in Mexico. Free consultation and medical questionnaire.
Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery for patients suffering from morbid or extreme obesity, with Dr. Arturo Rodriguez and his team of medical surgeons at the Osler Medical Center in Monterey, Mexico.
Medical weight loss treatment and weight loss clinic centers across the USA with certified physicians specialized in the field of weight loss, obesity, nutrition, fitness, bariatric surgery, weight related illness and counseling.
Protein drinks, oral supplements, pulmonary, diabetic nutrition and pediatric formulas, memory foam pillows, mobility and daily living aids, exam gloves, incontinence support, bathroom safety, ambulatory, diagnostic and bariatric equipment and supplies.
Bariatric, bathroom assist, hospital beds, blood pressure, braces/splints/supports, canes/walkers/crutches, pediatric, compression pumps, hosiery, CPAP, daily living aids, diabetes, diagnostic, lift chairs, and other medical supplies, and products.
Free seminar and consultation request about laparoscopic bariatric weight loss surgery options, including gastric banding (lap band), gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy in the Dallas, Texas area.