What's New, Statistics, Press Releases, Newsletters, and Technical Information from Dolby Digital Laboratories.
Drug testing laboratory which provides testing services and screening devices including ETG, cocaine, and alcohol, with pricing on request. Newsletter contains new testing options, technical updates, and service enhancements.
Microscopes, cleaning kits and accessories for educational, laboratory, and inspection applications, along with ketone test strips, ultra lab centrifuges, eyepiece cameras, spectrophotometers, fiber optic illuminators and other laboratory products.
Clinical lab accreditation services and manuals, monthly newsletters, competency assessment, quality management and laboratory testing training courses for physicians, medical technologists and laboratory staff. Database of COLA-accredited clinical labs.
Majors, and programs ranging in subjects from agricultural business, clinical laboratory science, criminology, and forsenic science to exercise and sports studies, RN-BSN nursing, teacher education, and graphic design.
Manufacturer of scientific, laboratory and research notebooks. Browse the store for record books, professional journals, standard and custom notebooks.
From chemistry kits and life science supplies to microscopes, physics and electronics. Also find laboratory equipment such as test tubes, petri dishes, scales and weights.
Over 500 software products for chemistry inventory, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, Laboratory Management, Molecular modeling and LIMS.
Electric and mechanical scales for shipping, general home use, kitchens, jewelry, baby, medical purposes, retail, industrial, laboratory along with pocket and counting scales, legal 'for trade' scales and force measurement equipment.
Medical spell check tool for health care professionals. Includes thousands of terms from surgical, chemistry, laboratory terminology, genetic research, nursing, oncology, slangs and more. Microsoft certified and WordPerfect compatible.