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Inspiring biblical audio cassettes by Caryl Krueger; talks carefully researched and presented with wisdom and wit: God's promises, psalms of comfort, the Sermon on the Mount, beatitudes, biblical women, Bible stories for kids.
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Seasonal images of reflection, depth, spaciousness and humor with words of wisdom and inspiration suitable for any occasion.
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Books on Buddhism, Tibet, and Tibetan culture, including books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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Modern and classic literature, fiction, mystery, as well as real-life wisdom in ebook format and rated by readers. Join Classics Club for classic literature downloads. The FreeLook ezine with stories, news reviews, fun and games, recipes and more.
American history, popular culture and nostalgia from early Pilgrim days to the 20th century through republished series such as Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Wee Books for Little Folk, Yankee Girl and Books of Wisdom.
Experiential travel books, tips and wisdom for travelers, country tales and regional guides, classic travelers' tales, special interest anthologies and more.
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Search for a certified financial planner in Australia by location, postcode, suburb or name.
Reiki master, Kavitaa, provides personal consultations which explore the individual's career, personal and spiritual growth, love, and relationship issues.
A mixed breed DNA test for dogs which provides the pet owner with the dog's ancestry in three categories of significant, intermediate, and minor breed percentages.