Pick 6 numbers and get a chance to win cash or more tickets. Weekly entries are limited to 1 ticket at each of sponsor. Winning numbers are those drawn by the Pennsylvania State Lottery.
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StepWare Inc, is the maker or Ace Reader an award winning application designed to increase the reading proficiency and comprehension. Downloadable demo version and other related programs.
The home page of Clark Tisdale the author of this award winning free application, CDmax. With it play audio cd's, store and show artists and song titles by connecting to a database.
Award winning games, such as Aqualines, Maddummy, JMpuzzles, Lightris, Cycleman, Lightcheckers, Battlejeep, Six-Trix, Three Leaves, 15 Pack, Braintwister and more.
A standard for Internet sharing. It allows multiple computers in a network to simultaneously share an Internet connection. The program also works as a firewall.
SmartDraw an award winning program designed for drawing and creating great-looking process flow diagrams, org-charts, time lines, business forms and presentations. Download free trial.
Competitions to win cars, DVD players, holidays and cash.
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Search the different categories to find current contests. Enter by filling out forms to win prizes and/or cash.
Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Gin Rummy, Dominoes or Cribbage. Engage people all over the world. Enter pay to play tournaments for the chance to win cash prizes.
For those in the Hawaii area or who plan to travel there, a newsletter with cooking tips, cooking commentary and menus from this award-winning restaurant with a broad range East West culinary traditions.