Kissing quizzes, Kiss Chat, games, contests, the "e-kissing booth" for sending kisses and even a kissing spycam.
Virtual tours of Egypt with panoramic views of the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx, Temple at Luxor and other areas of interest, along with a Hieroglyphic translator, an Egyptian calculator, scarab puzzle, quizzes and other interactive features.
Free dating site for singles looking for friendship, romance, marriage, casual and serious relationships. Profiles with photos, live chat, message exchange, mail system, virtual kiss notifications and and dating blogs.
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Safe, monitored environment where members adopt a dog, cat, ape, crocodile, elephant, panda, kangaroo or other pet, open a store, take part in auctions, read books, play games, perform quests, write stories and discover the history of the virtual world.
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A multi-player simulation where members can breed, buy, sell and train horses, while competing in scheduled races to earn virtual cash. Includes game forums, a chat room and the option to create a club.
Virtual dictionary with verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.
Free virtual pets that can enter battles, explore worlds, play games, send email, trade items, win prizes, enter forums, create websites, and invest in the stock market.
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Public, mixture, traditional and wine bars, pubs and nightclubs in Belfast, Northern Ireland along with facilities, information and contact details, virtual and satellite maps, customer ratings, reviews and comments.
Virtual assistant services with daily, weekly and monthly support for individuals and small to medium sized businesses in London, UK and around the world.
A team of virtual support staff provides law firms and professional service companies assistance with immigration cases, secured lending, labor and employment, bankruptcy, litigation support, and back office management services. Free consultation.
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