CD covers, icons, tiles, textures, desktops and artwork in unique colors, patterns and forms.
Designer vintage fashions: dresses, coats, separates, shoes and accessories.
Unique handmade decorative art including New Guinea totems, woven dolls, canoe prows and shields, African tribal masks, Thai buddhas, Mexican glassware, ethnic baskets and much more.
Personalized messages in handcrafted bottles, shipped to recipient in a choice of gold toned or wood presentation box. Unique gift is suitable for anniversaries, friendship, love, birthday, wedding or any other special occasion.
Selection of ecards featuring the unique, New Zealand blue pearl. Cards may be sent to up to five people and personalized with a message.
Located in:
Unique calendars for businesses, friends and family personalized with custom name, company logo or message. Each month has the selected name or logo integrated into 12 different photographs.
Nursery murals, bedding, lighting, diaper bags, strollers, car seats, hip carriers, cribs, furniture, clothes, jewelry, and other items for babies.
Unique collapsible baskets made of solid walnut wood and hand carved in different shapes and dimensions, along with wooden pens and pen holders, candy jars, tissue boxes and other decorative gift and art items.
Embroidered tunics, jackets, sweaters, caftans, long dresses, skirts and pants, formal wear, scarves and wraps, unique jewelry hand made by fine artisans, alcohol free perfumes, collectible silver coins, and other Islamic gifts and accessories for women.
Funny home decor ideas, funky first aid, bandages, tacky toilet paper and other bathroom toys, home amusement and family fun gifts, unusual party favors, unique games, baby clothing, wind up toys, novelties and curiosities for all occasions and all ages.