Interactive training programs with typing lessons and tests, specialized exercises for children/teens, tutorials, demos, teacher/administrator accounts, reports and graphs.
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Will assist beginners and experts with learning how to touch type. Calculate your speed, or sign up as a registered user to continue your exercises at a later date.
Learn how to type efficiently from any location with over 1,300 separate exercises. No download or installation required.
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E-diagnosis application for possible treatment of type 2 diabetes. Treatment is based on the principles of Quantum Physics, The DNA, Advanced Molecular Biology, and Theory of Dissipative Structures.
A suite of Windows programs designed to improve typing efficiency. Free typing test available.
Free and paid tests that are designed to duplicate real-life testing experiences. Three minute test will test typing speed and accuracy. An official certificate is issued with each paid test.
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Measures speed and accuracy drills such as Crazy Phrases, Numbers, Punctuation and Text. Lessons are also available at no cost.
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Typing tutor programs for both the keyboard and the ten key number keypad. Designed to improve the computer and communication skills of typists and data entry personnel. Can be networked in any Windows system.
French games and programs written in visual basic including a typing game, treasure hunt, utility programs and memory managers.
Certification tests that come with a mountable certificate, suitable for presenting at job interviews. Includes IQ tests, computer hardware, databases, language usage, financial management, programming, graphic design, e-commerce, typing and marketing.