Various colors of travelling hard cases that will hold a full set of clubs, along with headcovers, pull carts, and accessories.
The company provides high quality software development services, like AQURA, a double entry accounting package. The AQURA-Lite version of the program is available for free.
Lite hits and love songs geared to lighten the workday and the drive home, topped off by Love Songs Til Midnight.
A lite Web browser based on gecko (mozilla rendering engine). Features include: minimal interface, fully standard-compliant, fast loading time, support for displaying pages in other languages, use existing IE Favorites/NS Bookmarks.
Made with ultra light-weight aluminum frames and coolthane decking. Shoe design draws on patented TruTrack binding system. Product lines include both trail and rugged-country models.
Boards designed by kiteboarders, constructed with DuraSurf exteriors and Power-Lite cores. Includes models suitable for beginners through pros, along with a selection of company-brand bindings.
Amateur radios (CB radios, FRS, GMRS, GPS, cellular phone-GPS combo), car audio equipment, DJ equipment, 12 Volt electronics, cordless phones, marine GPS, fish-finders, sonars, mechanics tools and accessories.
Advanced music scanning and recognition OCR (OMR) software. Scan printed music and convert to MIDI or use in sequencers for re-arranging and transposing. Titles include PhotoScore Professional, PhotoScore MIDI and PhotoScore MIDI Lite.
Time and attendance systems with software packages and electronic hardware. Download the WinTA Lite full evaluation copy, (the entry level product), to get started. A multi-lingual time/attendance recording system with job booking and costing.
Creates Javascript and DHTML menus without any programming knowledge. Professional and lite versions available as well as upgrades and reseller programs.