Choose from: Hoop-2-Hoop -- a basketball style catch toy; Pro Thumb Wrestling; Crazy Cords which is used to make friendship bracelets or the one handed game called Spinsation.
Unique range of sexy dresses and sheer skirt sets, T-shirts, cropped baby dolls, arm warmers with thumb holes, fake eyelashes, cowgirl hats, designer swim wear, jewelry, hand bags, makeup, and assorted shoes, flipflops and high heel pumps.
Nadi astrology reading that uses a scanned thumb print image to find the details of an entire life, as written on palm leaves by Indian sages thousands of years ago. Free solo, couples and celebrity biorythm readings.
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Patented child-proof closure system designed to stop thumb sucking habits in children. Product is custom-made from flexible and breathable antimicrobial material, is tailored to the exact size of the child's hand, and still allows full use and motion.