Personalized death clock and life expectancy calculator that predicts the date of death based on lifestyle, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, birth, sex, BMI and country of residence.
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Hubert Herr original Black Forest cuckoo clocks factory-direct from Germany. Mantel clocks, 8-day movement with or without music, 1-day carved, and clocks with leaves, birds, handpainted roses, musical dancers, hunters, and other styles.
Digital wall clocks and LED timers with 4, 6 and 7 digits along with cables, power adapters, remote controls, control buttons, mounting bolts and other accessories.
Side print, clipper style, cross shift, hand punch and PC based time clocks, as well as accessories such as signal devices, time cards, badges, ink ribbons, ID card printers, perforators, check signers and embossers.
Classic and vintage style neon clocks with advertising logos of favorite drink, beer and car brands, gas companies, sports teams, armed forces, music, movie and TV shows for homes, garages, game rooms, collectors, bars, restaurants and other businesses.
Anniversary, cuckoo, children's, desk, dutch and astronomical clocks, barometers, wall and grandfather clocks, traditional dutch, kitchen, mantel, marine and many more styles and types of clocks for every room in the house.
PC-based badge systems, electronic punch clocks, watchman's clocks, and time/date/number stamps. Most products designed for small to mid-sized businesses (up to 250 employees).
Atomic clocks, watches and weather stations, grandfather clock kits, pendulums, hands, inserts and dials, music box, lamp and lighting kits, tools, finishing supplies, and projects for schools. Discussion forum, photos, catalogs and newsletters.
Standard, battery powered and PC-based time clocks, time stamp/date machines, time cards, and wall racks.