Converts images into HTML, ASCII, or Matrix from digital photos.
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Visual artists can create and maintain a catalog with up to date images and information. Includes automatic thumbnail images, custom menus and sub menus, text edit, image uploads, auto removal of out of date announcements and other helpful tools.
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Personalized digital albums customizable with colors or themes. Images are manipulatory by rotating, copying, adding text or moving to other albums. Digital home movies may be uploaded as well. 21 day free trial.
Programs for the natural color correction of images imported from digital camera or scanner, document converter, virtual printer driver, text management, sound utilities and programs specifically for developers.
Worldwide educational network for buddhists, with downloadable graphics, e-books, audio chantings, and text files of stories, essays and study guides.
Simplifies and speeds auction photo preparation. Browse, edit, and upload with one simple tool. Special 1-click editing tools include: create eBay gallery thumbnail, watermark text, auto enhance, drop shadows, resize, JPEG compress with preview, and more.
General purpose web scraping tool designed to automatically extract, export and import data, text, images and files and manipulate information with the aid of JavaScript and SQL. Free trial.
Professional graphic design services for custom projects. Photoshop tutorials and free Photoshop PSD icons, banners, logos, banners, templates, text effects and other high resolution graphics for personal and commercial projects.
Translation service for email, text and web pages or use the specialized dictionaries to translate topical texts.
NoteTab - text editor for programmers, HTML authors. Features: spell checker and thesaurus, format text quickly, font choice, html support. NoteView - create thumbnails of pictures in a folder from/to various file types.