A network composed of a group of peer mentors that have the desire to reach out and connect with others. Teens are encouraged to speak out using the "Get Help" form, or through support groups and communication.
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A directory of boarding schools, boot camps, residential treatment centers, military schools, Christian programs, private schools, drug and alcohol treatment, wilderness programs and other resources specifically for parents of troubled teens.
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Treatment plans, inpatient and outpatient programs for teen substance abuse, drug or alcohol addictions, mental health and eating disorders at treatment centers located across the USA.
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Low cost addiction rehab centers for women, men and teens located in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Wyoming, South Carolina and Texas. Free, no obligation consultation.
Christian education programs for teen girls and boys aged 12 to 17 struggling with life-controlling problems including drug abuse, self-harm, rebellion, low motivation, anger, theft, and promiscuity.
Separate chatrooms for adults, teens, college students, singles and general chat for everyone.
Adventure-based therapy and learning programs helping teenage boys recover from addictions and out of control behavior at a therapeutic boarding school and licensed treatment center in Morrow, Arkansas.
Behavioral therapy and counseling for troubled teen boys, ages 11-17 with out-of-control behavior at a military-style boarding school in Florida, USA.
Christian therapeutic boarding school for at risk teens located on a Caribbean Island. Includes family based counseling, relationship oriented mentoring, adventure based learning, service projects, and spiritual discipleship.
Alternative christian, military-like, therapeutic, holistic, ranch and residential style boarding schools designed for troubled boys and girls aged 8 to 17, located throughout the USA.